Stages of Teeth Development

There are 20 primary or deciduous teeth. The first teeth to erupt through the gums at 5-8 months are the lower central incisors. The last to erupt are the second upper molars at about age 2 years.


Between ages 6 and 12 primary teeth are lost and replaced by permanent teeth.

  • The 1st molars (6th- year molars) have fully erupted by age 6-7 years. The lower central incisors have nearly fully erupted and the upper central incisors are moving down into the empty sockets.

  • By age 8 years all permanent incisors have erupted.

  • 20 permanent teeth have replaced 20 primary teeth, and the 12-th year molars (1st and 2nd molars) have erupted. The canines, 2nd premolars and 2nd molars are not fully erupted. By age 12, 28 permanent teeth are in place. The last 4 teeth, the 3rd molars (Wisdom teeth) may erupt at any time after this, or not at all.

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